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"The Vision"
18" x 24"
Mixed Media

Not For Sale

We all have dreams.  Some we see at night during our sleep time.
Some we see during the day and some we invent as we go along.  It
is rare that a dream becomes so real that no longer can it be called
a dream.  When it is shared as something that has been or will be it
then becomes a vision.

The "Vision" is that dream.  An image shared between two souls
unites them as one in spirit.  The passion is the wolf and the
strength is in the mountains.  There is beauty in the lightening and
truth in the waterfall.  Peace makes up the sky, as adventure is the
road.  Love is in the cabin.  Bringing it all together is the single
joining of hands, which turn into smoke, drifting toward the
heavens, forever to be.

Look and receive the passion and truth.