"The Lost Penny"
16" x 20"

Most of us don't think much about losing a penny on the ground, and most of us wouldn't spend much time looking for it. It seems so small and of so little inportance in the scheme of life. Yet there are lost pennies everywhere. Their numbers are growing. This lost penny caught my eye as he sat on a concrete bank of some sort, in the middle of town, where two main roads intersected. A traffic light had stopped my car hence the penny and I made close eye contact. "Assiduous?" I mused to myself. This is an educated man. I mean to be using a word like assiduous. How many of you would have to look it up? I quickly pulled two dollars from my bag, grabbed my camera, and asked if I could take his photo. I told this educated man, a servant of our country and now a lost penny, as he reached for the two dollars in my hand, that maybe this photograph could help. It did. (If you want to know the meaning of the coins in the frame, consider the Emancipation Proclamation). If you still don't get it, ask me.