"The Fruitful Life"

 Visiting the Bahamas is guite a common trip for anyone who wishes 
to get away from it all. Life for the most part in the run of a "normal" 
day in Freeport is tourism, Ships dump hungry and curious passengers 
onto the shore and into the International Market. The Casino buzzes 
and music permeates the outdoor island bars. People chat about their 
winnings, as natives corn roll the hair of women whose thoughts are of 
which tee shirt to take home to Aunt Debbie. But alas I am too wild 
and restless for the usual tourist thing, so explore the isiand I must.
 During one of my rebellions against shopping and collecting all the 
"stuff" I could cram into my suitcase, I came across a native fruit 
market. In the midst of all the luscious, aromatic fruits and vegetables 
sat a woman with a most caring and warm smile. Her spirit glowed right 
through her face as she peeled pineapples for eager customers, This 
woman had a peace and joy about her that I have seen in few humans. 
She was so beautiful with her sienna skin and glowing smile that I 
actually saw my Grandmother in her face and form. I never knew the 
woman's name and probably will never see her again in this life, 
but her pulchritude I take with me.